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Sofia Wilkman:

My works contain influences from abstract impressionism and art from East Asia. There is expression of the mind, more than direct feelings, in the works. What can be found outside the mind i.e nature works as an activator for the creative process. I see myself as a very Nordic artist in many respects. My colours and my artistic expression are ascetic.

Sofia Wilkman’s paintings display eastern influences. The paintings are usually abstract impressions with graphic elements on the colour field. The artist is in dialogue with the tradition of abstract painting and different layers of paint cover the whole surface of the canvas…. It is nevertheless difficult to define her works; they seem to hover between figurative and non- figurative, but always escaping the definition.

Marja Sakari

From the catalogue Rooms of Light, Tartu Art House,
Estonia 2019. Tartu Artists’ Union and authors.

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